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  • Point-Of-Sale (POS) Terminals – Lined, Wireless or GPRS


  • Payment Gateway
  • Fraud Scrubbing Tools
  • On-line Reporting System


The co-brand program is offered to reputable institutions who would like to outsource the infrastructure or facility required to be able to issue prepaid/debit/credit cards to its clients. These institutions wish to strengthen its branding and marketing programs using the card to boost sales and card usage by offering the existing card offerings and features on top of their own marketing plans (i.e. special discounts and privileges, loyalty programs, rebates, etc.) In addition to this, Institutions may also generate additional income from the market such as income sharing, card reloading (for prepaid cards only) and card issuance.

  • Prepaid Card Issuance – no need to open a savings/checking account
  • Peso & Dollar Currency
  • Online/real –time crediting of load and payment transactions
  • Acceptable at all POS merchants worldwide
  • Acceptable for e-Commerce or online shopping
  • Accepted at Bancnet and ATMs worldwide

Other Systems

  • Co-brand Management System
  • Batch Card Uploading Facility
  • Web-based Remittance System for Remittance Tie-ups
  • Hosted Payment Gateway
  • OMNIPAY Internet site for card balance inquiry, SOA printing, etc.